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Postby JustynR » Sat Sep 15, 2012 8:06 pm

A very big wish...!

Lately I've been doing quite a few corporate shows where they have completely taken advantage of nearly all of the features of PB - which is a great thing - but the workload of the operator / programmer has increased greatly, often times just about too much. There are a lot of long nights getting the shows ready.

It would be really really great if we could have some sort of multi-user type interface on separate machines. Not unlike the GrandMA master/slave modes / full tracking modes:
a multi user 'programmer',
the ability to work on individual timelines, (not more, just one person can work on timeline 1 and another can work on 2)
load assets,
Have an active tracking backup,
Share save files,
Share Views / individual views
maybe even a chat window?

I know this isn't just as simple as adding a "Connect" button, but I just thought I'd put it out there,


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Re: Multi-User

Postby Markus Zeppenfeld » Mon Sep 17, 2012 2:24 pm

Hi Justyn!

You are right in many thoughts.

- it would be really great - yes.
- it isn't an easy implementation - yes

This feature/improvement is already on our roadmap, but this is a long-term feature request which will not be implemented within one of the next releases.

Thanks for already sharing good ideas how this could be implemented. Your topics seem to be very necessary and useful.

Markus Zeppenfeld
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