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Bunch of ideas

Postby merCUrium » Wed Jun 26, 2013 2:53 pm

Here's a bunch of ideas I had summarized the last months:
  • I want to give the keyboard shortcut for insertion of a cue a +1. I think CTRL+SPACE would be convenient.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to snap or ignore snap to nowpointer, cues, keyframes and clip-markers. Maybe ALT+Mousedrag force snap and ALT+SHIFT+Mousedrag ignore snap
  • Cycle between keyframes either own the same TC or touch the nowpointer or belong to the same preset using UP and DOWN arrows. Could make editing presets just by the inspector not via active values very quick and fluid. (By the way thank you for this nice feature its great to be able to edit presets without the need of active values, so you could use active values for other things, e.g. mask areas where stage staff is working so you don't blind them and at the same time adjsut fx or masks in other areas of the projected picture!)
  • Bring the preview (via breakout panel) to secondary screen on a Manager machine
  • For the AeonFX Shapes e.g. the Quad2D connect the Point-Values to each other (like with scale or position on devices) so you could e.g. move an angled line with moving pt4x and pt1x simultaniously, would make this great feature even more a real killer :mrgreen:
  • Additional Shape "Polygon2D" similiar to the existing shapes but with an adjustable number of points (say up to 32?)
    Alternate a "Vectormask" in the Warper working simliar to the Pen-Tool in the Adobe programs (eg. Photoshop, Illustrator, Aftereffects)
    [or maybe even both :roll: *dreaming*]
  • Manager in backup mode "auto take over" if connection to the main machine is lost
  • Have not been able to test if it would work that way already, but would be nice, if a Manager in "backup mode" already is playing the sounds on the tracks, so the sound guy just has to open his channels
  • Apply "Remove unused content" only to specific subfolders
  • Store the state of expanded or collapsed devices etc. in views
  • [EDIT]Almost forgot this: I would like to have a more convenient way to get rid of "steppy borders" of meshes, than pull in very tiny softedges on each side. a simple activate edge anti aliasing option for objects would be nice
I think, thats it so far.

Let me add two things.
1. Sequence inspector: set fade time for sequence on/off
2. "Fade softener" on 8bit Parameters, otherwise long fades eg. 2min tend to look choppy.
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