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little helper...

PostPosted: Sun Sep 08, 2013 8:56 am
by matze
in a nutshell:

- sort assets (+ maybe the project tree) by (modify-)date
- spare folders from spread (i dont need dedicated meshes or clips on every machine)
- get a message when putting a wave-file with a different samplerate as the ASIO-track on the timeline. (often you have no time to proof it and its quiet hard to hear if its the right "speed" or not)

i know its on the list, but once again to keep track on it:
- warper: switchable X-Y-movement for warping something edgewise or FFD being always plumb-vertical to the object/mesh/mapping. now its hard work because for switching verticies left is left, right is right etc. but for the movement left is up, up is right, right is down and down ist left depending on how the projector got tilted.