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Linking/grouping layers

Postby malkuth23 » Wed Jan 15, 2014 6:44 pm

I know there is a push coming up at coolux for brushes.

One of my top requests would be for a better linking/grouping function.

Right now selecting a group does not deselect other layers unless it was selected by previously clicking on a group. This can be very confusing for users. I have trained myself to hit escape first, but most people would not know to do that.

I would love to see a better linking feature for layers. I recently discovered you could link layers by clicking ctrl l when multiple layers are highlighted. Cool! How did I never notice that!? But it is only a little useful because you cannot select anything else until the layers are unlinked. It would be so great to have a layer linking checkbox on each layer (ie. photoshop)... This would mean that linked layers would always select together when one is clicked. This would be vastly better than hunting for the correct group.

As I work with larger and larger projects (the one I am at now has almost 30 systems), selecting layers can be my biggest headache.

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