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Postby satanete666 » Thu Jan 24, 2013 6:06 am


I have a problem with this configuration , player pro, windows 7 64, 2 dongles, i use warper 2d to adjust the first output, the problem is when i apply the xfile in multilicense mode i have the warped layer 2 times 1 on the left the second on the right, but if i open the same system only with one dongle all works fine.

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Re: problem

Postby ricky » Thu Jan 24, 2013 9:57 am

when you are running PB Player with two dongles you have two cameras that by default are looking at the same point of the 3D space, where the layers appears (X,Y=0,0). If you load an object/warp on your layer each camaras will display the same warped layer, but if you put the object on the output 1 and not on the layer you will see only the first output warped. If you need the object on the layer but you don't need the second ouitput warped you must move the camera 2 Offset (eg X Offset=16) so the ralative output 2 will become black because now the camera 2 is looking at another point of the 3D space (X,Y=16,0) where you can move the no-warped layers changing the value of its X Pos to 16.

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