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Mesh offset reset problem

Postby proximityav » Sun Mar 16, 2014 2:29 am


I'm having a VERY frustrating problem with warper rev 132 running off a Player Pro.

I have multiple mesh all with different zoom, aspect and x & y offset values.

Depending on what action I take, one of the mesh may reset all of it's mesh values back to the default. this happens quite frequently when selecting different mesh during the set up process. Having to constantly reenter the values becomes very tiring!

The actions that trigger a reset I've seen include: Selecting a mesh from the drop down list, adding and deleting a mesh, saving a warp file can also reset a mesh!!!

I can see the issue in both 2D and 3D versions of warper re 132. I have also replicated this issue with warper 3D rev 134 from the same file I created in warper rev 132. I'm not yet sure if this happens if the warp file was created in 134. Is 134 currently the latest revision??

My warp file and a video of the problem attached

multi curve bottom.wrp

warp problem.mp4
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