Warp on a dual projector setup

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Warp on a dual projector setup

Postby ppfer » Mon May 25, 2015 10:55 pm

I’m going to a warp on a dual projector set up. Basically I need to warp a single image spanned between two projectors (1920 x 1080 each one) then make a soft edge blend.

My guess is that i have to:
- set windows output to horizontal span (not dual view)
- create two meshes
- stretch one left and the other right
- load my reference texture
- apply planar mapping
- adjust the meshes as needed

Is that a correct workflow?

Because I read some post below that some machines does not allow the image spanned between two screen and they only allow dual view mode, so I will have two instances of PB warper opened. In that case, how to span my reference texture between them to align it correctly?
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Re: Warp on a dual projector setup

Postby Dennis Kuypers » Tue May 26, 2015 7:16 pm


Sounds good! So Pandoras Box can handle both separate screens and spanned screens. It should automatically detect that.

The difference is only in the way you open up the warper.

Stretch Left & Right: for spanned screens
Primary & Secondary: for separated screens

In PB you won't notice the difference.

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