Pandoras Box 6.1.1

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Pandoras Box 6.1.1

Postby Markus Zeppenfeld » Tue Aug 28, 2018 9:10 am

There is a new version available in the Download-Center (please remember to log-in before using the link): ... 0/file-316

Dear customers,

we're happy to share the new Pandoras Box V6.1.1 with you.

This version fixes various issues but especially improves the behavior of Multi-User setups and Art-Net handling.

In MU scenarios DMX devices as well as (the new) TCP device or Widget Devices will behave similar to regular site. This means they will “manifest” onto the Main system and will not send out any data from Sub-Managers. Therefore the Art-Net output on Sub-Managers can be activated, but no value will be send. In the event of a “takeover” the new Main Manager will establish all TCP connections and start to send Art-Net if specified in the configuration. Doubled Art-Net output is prevented the same way as TCP or WD commands are not send twice anymore.

Unpatching all devices from a universe will free the universe as PB will not continue to send zero values anymore.

Known issues:

• Preview needs to be activated on Sub-Managers to follow playlist entries
• several playlist related issues in MU scenarios
• Preview needs to be activated on Sub-Managers in order to update editable resources like Meshes and Canvases
• possible crash when changing sample rate of Dante PCIe card
• some Win10 systems seem to need a newer dongle driver - please download here: ... 8/file-317
• Mute audio checkbox does not work

Version 6.1.1 (14.08.2018)

-Multi User:
fixed: Connection status of Widget Designer, DMX and Serial device sites are working correctly in MU environments. (ticket 4869)
fixed: Sequence keys of DMX, Serial and WD devices are created on remote places in MU environment.
fixed: Resource meta data are shown in inspector correctly for all locations. (ticket 5663)
fixed: Resource is identified correctly in MU environments when added to project more than once.
fixed: No crash in multi user due to invalid layer ids.
fixed: No accumulation of tasks on sub managers if audio file is added from client on main manager with spreading disabled. (ticket 5820)

- Miscellaneous:
added: "Crop Radial" Effect.
added: New TCP Device for simple communication to TCP/IP Server (e.g. projectors or video switchers).
fixed: Command keys (from WD Device and Serial/TCP Device) are created with toggled keymode, this means no container is created by default. (ticket 5830) ... quence.htm#togglekeymode
fixed: ArtNet output values are only sent when Channel is patched.
fixed: ArtNet Universes stop sending when not used anymore.
fixed: ArtNet Channels are reset to 0 when patch is removed.
fixed: Skinning issues. Existing PB installations will also benefit from this fix. Issues with open/save dialogs in Windows 10 build 1803 are now resolved.
fixed: Image Sequence does not hang on resume when changing value of key while paused. (ticket 5850)
fixed: No memory leak when setting ASIO channel to 0. (ticket 5791)
fixed: Resource of Text Editor Tab is reloaded after creating new project. (ticket 5831)
fixed: DirectShow Live Inputs are no longer black/white when using certain devices and drivers. (ticket 5622)
fixed: Serial TCP connection of sequence can be reset upon connection loss by confirming IP.
fixed: New FBXSDK. Fixes 3ds loading issues.
fixed: The creation of volume peak files is not timed out.
fixed: No crash caused by invalid subdivision settings.
fixed: Cue-Ids are incremented upon copy/paste in the same sequence.
fixed: Device tree does not disappear when visibility of sites is toggled. (ticket 5901)

- Automation:
added: Command to reset the connection of the new TCP Device.
fixed: Media duration from automation equals the duration that is shown in the inspector of the media file. (ticket 5783)
fixed: Sending data request always waits for confirmation event when packet has been sent to avoid running into timeout.
Markus Zeppenfeld
Product Manager, Pandoras Box

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