Pandoras Box 6.1.3

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Pandoras Box 6.1.3

Postby Markus Zeppenfeld » Tue Jul 02, 2019 5:39 pm

There is a new version available in the Download-Center (please remember to log-in before using the link): ... 0/file-330

Dear customers,

we're happy to share the new Pandoras Box V6.1.3 with you.

This version comes with many improvements of the user interface and enhanced functionality for Projector Recalibration along with some bug fixes.

Some highlights are:

• Win 10 (version 1809) and above can be used again in dark skin mode.
• We have introduced snapping functionality for containers and key frames to better and easier align sequence elements.
• When dragging a container, you will now see the relative time of its movement in a popup next to your cursor.
• You can now start projects as sync session directly from the startup menu.
• Using Widget Designer 6.1.0 you can use CMSH-Warp-files and the NET Link fiber inputs to automatically recalibrate shifted projectors.
• Touch events now work for CEF browser as well.
• New Art-Net monitor with enhanced overview of all active universes
• Updated tools to work with Win10 again

This version is intended to be the last 32-bit release before we transition to a stronger foundation, based on a 64-bit environment. While we had originally planned to phase out Windows XP with this release, an unexpected issue we encountered with a third‐party component left us no choice but to phase it out sooner.
As a result, Pandoras Box V6.1.1 was the last release to support Windows XP operating systems. We apologize for any possible inconvenience this may cause.
See official statement here: ... ne2019.pdf

Please note that a new dongle driver is being installed during the installation. It is included in the installer but you can also download it here: ... 8/file-317

See detailed list of all changes below:
Version 6.1.3 (02.07.2019)

- Multi User:
fixed: cache files are stored wrongly to c: when submanager joins session from startup menu. (ticket 6166)
fixed: possible crash when using "save as" in a sync session and using asset folder items (ticket 5251)

- Miscellaneous:
added: containers snap to cues and other containers in timeline
added: keys snap to other keys in same container, as well as containers and cues.
added: show relative time in popup during drag operation of containers, key frames and cues
added: possibility to recalibrate (transform) CMSH-files from Widget Designer using the Projector Recalibration Tool
added: possibility to start projects as sync session directly from the startup menu
added: touch induced mouse events now work for CEF browser
added: new dongle driver 7.81
added: new Art-Net Monitor

fixed: skinning prevents Win10 (version 1809 and above) from working correctly
fixed: during a resource rename the Id inside "[]" will not be displayed
fixed: patch templates cannot be exported (ticket 5232)
fixed: patch templates cannot be imported (ticket 5241)
fixed: patch exports to csv are offset by one digit (ticket 5242)
fixed: patch doesn't allow for fully filled universe (e.g. 3 channel fixture on channel 510) (ticket 5877)
fixed: current audio device is kept upon refresh of asset tree. (ticket 6735)
fixed: ASIO live inputs are shown in asset tree after project load. (ticket 6734)
fixed: possible crash when changing ASIO device or ASIO preview settings. (ticket 6726)
fixed: skinning issues of various tools

added: Command to check the meta data status of resources. (AutoGetResourceMetaDataAreValid, AutoGetResourceMetaDataAreValidByDmxId)
added: Command to get only effective sites (no sites that are part of virtual site). Virtual Sites and layers are named as such. (AutoGetSiteIdsEffective)
added: Blocking version of command to add content to project. (AutoAddContentFromLocalNodeWithIdBlocked, AutoAddContentFromLocalNodeToFolderWithIdBlocked)
fixed: The command AutoGetCurrentTimeCueInfo now returns the current cue as previous and the following cue as next.
fixed: The command AutoGetDeviceAttribute works for virtual site devices as well.
fixed: No hangs when requesting Pandoras Box values from multiple instances of the automation interface.
Markus Zeppenfeld
Product Manager, Pandoras Box

"Have you tried turning it off and on again?" (from "The IT Crowd" / channel 4)
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