Pandoras Box 6.4.3

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Pandoras Box 6.4.3

Postby Markus Zeppenfeld » Wed Jul 08, 2020 3:23 pm

There is a new version available in the Download-Center (please remember to log-in before using the link): ... 0/file-344

Dear customers,

we are very excited to share Pandoras Box 6.4.3 with you!

Default Views / ViewBar

One obvious change becomes visible once starting Pandoras Box: we have created a new default view.
Not only did we update the initial layout, which concentrates on the “essential” tabs and needs; we have also created six more standard views for you, which feature the most needed tabs for different occasions and prevents an overloaded user interface. Forget the times looking for tabs buried behind several others. “Essentials, Content, Sequence, FX, Preview, Show and Floating” views will be accessible in each new project.
In addition, you will find a View Bar at the top of the interface to allow access to selected views by a single click. The View Bar is fully customizable for your own and default views. Those standard views will instantly recall the tab layout.


We have improved the views section so that you can now decide yourself, what you want to store and which parts to recall. Views are now split into four subviews, to individually store the device tree with shown or hidden devices, the tab layout by itself, the preview settings like MultiPreview and previewed devices as well as the shown sequence. Therefore, you can now switch between previewed servers, without losing your reconfigured tabs or messing up your device structure. Or simply use it to switch between sequences by keeping everything else.
When storing more than one subview in a single view, you can still recall only parts of it. Once added to the View Bar, you can click it to recall all subviews included.
This change will help you to optimize your everyday programming tasks and create an understanding of what is stored or recalled without surprises. Lastly, you can also export and import views to take them with you to your next show...


• We have also worked on the behavior of the Cue Tab when the timeline pauses at a cue. Instead of highlighting the next cue already, that cue is still highlighted and the countdown relates to the next cue already.

• Another change which comes in handy is, that you can now multiselect ImageSequence folders while importing them, as well as multiple clients to trigger their preview or full screen state at a time.

• Embedded audio for QuickTime files is now supported on video layers as in the encoder extension.

• The PreRoll default value has been changed to 2s, so that every video is now always preparing for playback by default. In addition, PreRoll is now available for Pandoras Box live inputs.

• Chroma sub sampling information of live inputs is now shown in the inspector.

• The default value for importing ImageSequences has been updated to 50fps. Remember, that you can always set your own defaults in the configuration tab.

These tools are also part of this release:

- Warper (Rev. 224)
- Matrix Patcher (Rev. 93)
- Dome Master (Rev. 15)
- Image Converter (Rev. 66)
- Splitter (Rev. 41)
- Art-Net Monitor (V. 6.0.1)
- Leica 3D Disto (Rev. 11)
- Quicktime Converter (Rev. 8 )

Version 6.4.3 (08.07.2020)

- Miscellaneous:
added: View Bar for quick access of views to recall different layouts
added: Default Views: predefined application layouts for different work scenarios.
added: Support for embedded audio in mov files.
added: Preroll for live inputs.
added: Information about chroma subsampling in inspector for live inputs.
added: gmaExtension: Network adapter now selectable. (ticket 1385)

fixed: Several display errors in gui.
fixed: Large video files don't run into time out while spreading. (ticket 3623)
fixed: Spreading tasks for client are aborted if client connection is lost. (ticket 7594)
fixed: When renaming a camera of a virtual machine, the underlying actual camera is renamed as well for identification reasons. (ticket 7657)
fixed: Visibility state of virtual sites can be toggled in device tree. (ticket 7599)
fixed: Only specific level of elements is shown when "Show all" is applied to Sites, Devices and Parameters. (ticket 2039)
fixed: First click on locked PB GUI after focus was on other application is not executed but gives focus back to Pandoras Box. (ticket 7147)
fixed: Calculation of media length which is shown in inspector is more accurate. (ticket 7587)
fixed: Selected rows are updated when item is added to tree. (ticket 7742)
fixed: Selection is adjusted when tree structure changes. (ticket 7742)
fixed: Device Tree keeps scroll position when switching between sequence and device controls. (ticket 7732)
fixed: Message is not cut off in image sequence fps popup but folder name is shortened. (ticket 7781)
fixed: Layer and clip colours are set to default when importing old xml projects with no colours set.
fixed: Changes in encryption policy dialog are always applied. (ticket 7818)
fixed: File names of encoded files are correct if encoding of previous file failed. (ticket 7813)
fixed: Tree item selection works with shift + arrow keys. (ticket 7783)
fixed: Highlight and countdown in cue tab are refreshed when new cue is added to sequence. (PB-7833)

changed: Highlight stays on current cue until cue has been passed by. (tickets 3274 & 7802)
changed: Default of initial frame rate for images sequences is now 50 fps. (ticket 7691)
changed: Windows audio preview is disabled by default on Offline Managers. (ticket 7742)
changed: Mesh and submesh resources don't have default clip colour anymore. (ticket 7808)
Markus Zeppenfeld
Product Manager, Pandoras Box

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