Widget Designer 6.5.2

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Widget Designer 6.5.2

Postby Markus Zeppenfeld » Wed Aug 11, 2021 8:26 am

There is a new version available in the Download-Center (please remember to log-in before using the link):
https://www.christiepandorasbox.com/sup ... 6/file-384

Dear customers,

we're happy to share Widget Designer 6.5.2 with you.

Some highlights of this version are:

- Widget Designer now includes .Net Framework 4.8 to work on clean systems.
- Scripts to trigger Pandoras Box Playlist items are now available (requires PB V8.3).
- The AirScan does work with MultiTouchPanel again.
- The Projector Recalibration tool does create testpatterns in a faster way.

Please find the changelog below:

v6.5.2 (August 2021)

/// General
- added helpfile links to additional widgets and devices
- added ".NET Framework 4.8 Offline Installer" to WD installer
- fixed Widget Designer crashing on shutdown
- fixed Widget Designer creating verbose logs

/// Devices
- fixed `Enable` state for devices not being restored when loading project

/// Nodes
- added input node "Device Text Parameter"
- updated "PB Menu" node by removing unnecessary values
- fixed "MouseOutput" node returning false values
- fixed "TextOutput" node

/// Widgets
- changed StickyNotes to preserve their visibility state upon load of project
- changed treeview in Widget Explorer to be collapsed to "Page level" by default
- fixed Projector Recalibration taking more than 2s per testpattern (requires PB 6.5.2 or PB 8.3)
- fixed MultiTouchPanel not working with Airscan (`Enable GUI` must be checked in AirScan properties)
- fixed `VideoInputDisplay.SourceList` return value to be in sync with device properties
- fixed "global exception" appearing when renaming an item in Widget Explorer
- fixed visibility for "StickyNote" widgets

/// Scripting
- added extension `.ToCharArray` for objects of type String
- added WebLink property to supported widgets
- added commands to control Pandoras Box playlist items (requires PB V8.3)
- `PbPlaylistJumpToNextItemByID`
- `PbPlaylistJumpToPreviousItemByID`
- `PbPlaylistJumpToNextItemByName`
- `PbPlaylistJumpToPreviousItemByName`
- added `ArtnetInputSetAdapter` and `ArtnetOutputSetAdapter`
- fixed `Fader.Value` command exceeding fader limits
- fixed Art-Net network adapter switching to "Any" when using scripts to enable/disable Art-Net I/O
- fixed `WDVideoInputDisplaySetSource` and `WDVideoInputDisplaySetFormatByIndex`
- fixed `ToggleFullscreen` command

/// Tools
- removed "Canvas Template Manager"

/// WebServer
- fixed jumping/stuttering page-rendering while zooming or scrolling in an external client
- fixed CustomScriptButton click offset when page is zoomed
Markus Zeppenfeld
Product Manager, Pandoras Box

"Have you tried turning it off and on again?" (from "The IT Crowd" / channel 4)
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