PB Menu 7.4.0

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PB Menu 7.4.0

Postby Markus Zeppenfeld » Fri Oct 08, 2021 4:46 pm

There is a new version available in the Download-Center:
https://www.christiepandorasbox.com/sup ... 1/file-387

Dear Customers,

we are thrilled to share this new version with you.

Remote installing PB Menu
After introducing the time-saving Remote Installing for Pandoras Box and Widget Designer within the previous release, we are excited that we have also added this functionality for the PB Menu itself. After installing version 7.4.0, you will be able to remotely update to new versions in the future.

We have also solved various bugs, such as the menu disappearing after 72 hours, devices without Nvidia graphics card not sending status replies and not being able to remote install more than two devices at a time.

The menu includes Server Management 1.4.0.

## v7.4.0 (October 2021)

### PB Menu
- changed: PB Menu is now writing to a single logfile instead of creating a logfile for each run (ticket 7306)
- fixed: PB Menu is not shut down after 72 hours anymore (ticket 7302)
- fixed: "Reset Mosaic" no longer removes a loaded EDID (ticket 7156)
- fixed: Resolutions of loaded EDIDs are now correctly shown in dropdown (ticket 7166)
- fixed: A device without NVIDIA graphics card is now sending status replies as well (ticket 7298)
- fixed: PB Menu can now launch a WD project whose name contains whitespaces (ticket 7308)
- fixed: Obsolete autostart items have been removed (ticket 7315)

### PB Server Management
- added: Remote installation of PB Menu (ticket 7295)
- added: Remotely gather logfiles from PB Menu (ticket 7296)
- added: Server list is sortable using column headers (ticket 7100, 7286, 7288)
- added: Hotkey for saving a project via 'CTRL + S' (ticket 7293)
- changed: VNC Password is restricted to eight case-sensitive characters (default password is 'Pandoras') (ticket 7090)
- changed: Server Management is now writing to a single logfile instead of creating a logfile for each run (ticket 7307)
- fixed: Remote installation for more than 2 devices is not failing due to a timeout anymore (ticket 7297)
Markus Zeppenfeld
Product Manager, Pandoras Box

"Have you tried turning it off and on again?" (from "The IT Crowd" / channel 4)
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