Pandoras Box 8.4.0

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Pandoras Box 8.4.0

Postby Markus Zeppenfeld » Tue Nov 23, 2021 5:01 pm

There is a new version available in the Download-Center: ... 0/file-390

Dear Customers,

please find Pandoras Box V8.4.0 ready to download.

The highlights of this version are the introduction of the Terra/SDVoE card which allows to connect to a virtually unlimited number of remote inputs to be used within Pandoras Box. It perfectly blends into any Terra or other SDVoE system. All modes like Genlock, Genlock Scaling, FastSwitch, Multiview and WallMode are supported.

Notch does now allow for live updates of loaded blocks in order to match the scene to your current (projection) setup. Adding and removing exposed values is directly reflected in the interface for easy access during setup times.

We have also introduced some neat little improvements like being able to set the client’s domain number via return key or the option to append CR / LF to any TCP device packet send from the timeline. Along with that, we have squished many bugs and imperfections to allow for a better workflow. MOV video playback has been improved and the GUI responsiveness on larger screens is noticeable better now.

Please find all features, fixes and changes highlighted in the changelog below.

Version 8.4.0 (23.11.2021)

- Miscellaneous:
added: Support of Terra / SDVoE fibre input card.
added: Carriage return and line feed can be appended to network message of TCP device.
added: The icon of virtual sites and the virtual site tab show a warning if one of the referenced sites is not available.
added: Domain on client can be set using the return key.

changed: Site IDs cannot be cleared in MU session to avoid synchronization problems. (ticket 6711)
changed: Combobox entries cannot be scrolled using the mouse wheel in closed state. (ticket 8449)
changed: Removed antialiasing configuration option. (ticket 8599)
changed: Updated CEF to release 91.1.21 (Chromium 91.0.4472.114). (ticket 8000)

fixed: Single touch dragging is possible in browser. (ticket 8592)
fixed: GUI stays responsive if large parts of sequence are shown on 4K screens. (ticket 7124)
fixed: No artefacts in mp4 video files. (ticket 8479)
fixed: ProRes video is rendered correctly after sequence jump. (ticket 8018)
fixed: Interlaced MOV files are properly rendered.
fixed: Correct frame rate is shown in inspector if resource is interlaced. (ticket 8415)
fixed: Initial layer counts are always applied correctly to sites. (ticket 6345)
fixed: Particle system on virtual site is functional after project load. (ticket 5021)
fixed: RGB Hue Effect doesn't effect layer without being active (ticket 8615)
fixed: Expanding and minimizing Aeon FX documentation will now correctly show referring content. (ticket 4972)
fixed: Correct placement of mesh bounding box in UV mapping mode. (ticket 6510)
fixed: Ground grid in compositing pass is visible again. (ticket 8494)
fixed: Master will toggle to maximized preview when no output device exists. (ticket 8595)
fixed: Kiosk mode renders correctly in FullScreen again. (ticket 8619)
fixed: Incompatible display detection is disabled by default. (ticket 8585)
fixed: Smoothing render times works for all monitor refresh rates. (ticket 5762)
fixed: Camera and Output parameters are imported correctly from V6 Player devices. (ticket 8565)
fixed: Client remanifests correctly when restarted. (ticket 8584)
fixed: Image Sequence frame ordering is working. (ticket 7397)
fixed: Playlist initial values are used correctly. (ticket 8688)
fixed: Resources are not added to linked playlist more than once when added to watched folder. (ticket 8589)
fixed: Playlist entries are initialized with correct media length if added from watched folder. (ticket 8504)
fixed: Live Input chroma is shown correctly on Sub Master. (ticket 8570)
fixed: No crash on loading certain X-files. (ticket 8433)
fixed: Audiometer doesn't show stereo for mono files. (ticket 5735)
fixed: Prevent calculation and sending of audio level data, if audio level isn't shown anywhere. (ticket 8608)
fixed: Maximum texture size for NDI stream is initialized with first evaluated NDI stream size. (ticket 8624)
fixed: Live Inputs but NDI rescale to their native size when being reloaded (ticket 8469)
fixed: "Christie" folder in start menu is now deleted if the last Christie program was removed. (ticket 6945)
fixed: No crash when aborting the popup that warns about dropping a clip over an existing clip. (ticket 8669)
fixed: Audio signal of Yamaha ASIO device can be passed into Pandoras Box again. (ticket 8661)
fixed: Caching/loading non-existing meshes will not lead to erroneous aborted tasks.
fixed: Changing a resource to NDI via Art-Net doesn't cause a crash anymore. (ticket 8670)

- Notch:
added: Notch layer parameter structure is updated on block change
added: Notch Live Editing is supported.

fixed: Notch text values are initialized with current value on project load. (ticket 8607)
fixed: No crash when Notch block is loading on remote Manager due to MU project sync. (ticket 8606)
fixed: Notch resources and layers are always fully loaded on all managers in multi user scenario. (ticket 8602)
fixed: Notch camera cannot be dragged to invalid parameter. (ticket 8572)
fixed: Notch layer is marked as valid if Notch block with relating scene is being loaded. (ticket 8571)

- Automation:
fixed: RTD Renderer is waiting for the preview to having set the correct output before returning rendered image.
Markus Zeppenfeld
Product Manager, Pandoras Box

"Have you tried turning it off and on again?" (from "The IT Crowd" / channel 4)
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