Widget Designer 6.1.3

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Widget Designer 6.1.3

Postby Markus Zeppenfeld » Wed Sep 16, 2020 10:54 am

There is a new version available in the Download-Center (please remember to log-in before using the link):
https://www.coolux.de/index.php?id=dowl ... 6/file-346

Dear customers,

we're happy to share the new Widget Designer 6.1.3 with you. Many different areas have been addressed, but we have mainly worked on the configuration and new devices.


Matrix switches have been added to the Widget Designer to streamline the use of e.g. Lightware and Barco matrices, as well as the Image Pro II. Simply add those devices and start scripting and communicating with them for the most common use cases. If a command might be missing which needs to be send, we offer the possibility to send a custom command to preserve the entire feature-set of those devices.

More Phidgets have been added to control Servos or read positioning data from Spatial Phidgets.
We have introduced the Phidget IR with a new approach how to deal with data. You can add multiple infrared senders and receivers and let them work as a group or separate. Using the IRCodeManager lets you define codes which shall be received or send. Maintain separate lists for your display and BlueRayPlayer to keep an overview of massive amounts of IR codes. Each code can be assigned to a specific function. With this, you can have multiple receivers in different rooms combined to always trigger the play/pause of your BlueRay, while only controlling screens in the very room. You can even translate codes by receiving it with one receiver and sending a different code in return. Only one remote control for your entire museum...

The configuration is now also available in Free Edition to make use of the Jog/Shuttle and FaderExtension without the need of a dongle.

Additionally, we have introduced input and output nodes for devices managed within the configuration. You will find them as regular nodes. The Spyder output node is especially to be highlighted as it introduces a very easy way to route touchscreen or any other positioning information to a layer inside Spyder X80. Scale and position layers by simply connecting the node.

TerraDisplayArray Widget

The newest member of our widgets is the TerraDisplayArray. It receives information from a connected Terra system and visually informs the user how the current configuration of a DisplayArray is laid out. While sitting in the server room or strolling through the building, you can monitor changes to the display on e.g. your smartphone by looking at this widget. Combined with the powerful scripting possibilities to remote the entire Terra system, this allows for a neat and useful interface for end-users or technicians.


Several new commands to change colors of widgets as well as improvements to the Email functionality have been added. You can now also send HTML emails via the scripting. We also solved various bugs and crashes, fixed some UI glitches and removed obsolete devices or commands to provide a better overall experience.

Please find the changelog below:

v6.1.3 (September 2020)

- fixed possible crash in Widget Explorer
- fixed ability to apply custom effects to entire windows
- fixed possible crash when scrolling in dropdownlists of dialogs
- fixed various, minor UI issues
- fixed broken look of checkboxes in several windows
- fixed color variables to maintain their value
- fixed composite node saving issue

- added possibility to open Configuration within Free Edition
- fixed Terra EventListener

- added Barco ImagePro2
- added Barco MatrixPro2
- added Lightware Matrix LW2
- added Phidgets IR and IRCode Manager
- added Phidgets Servo
- added Phidgets Spatial 0/0/3
- added Phidgets Spatial 3/3/3
- added FaderExtension to `Free Edition`
- added Jog/Shuttle to `Free Edition`
- corrected naming / spelling of some Phidgets
- added interval to Phidget Stepper

- added FaderExtension (input)
- added Jog/Shuttle (input)
- added Phidget Servo (input/output)
- added Phidget Spatial 003 (input)
- added Phidget Spatial 333 (input)
- added Spyder (output)

- added TerraDisplayArray to show the current state of a Terra Display Array
- fixed Encoder "Seq control"
- fixed Encoder "invert checkbox"
- fixed PlayList to prevent unallowed drag&drop instead of showing a warning afterwards
- fixed Treeview to show project tree after a connection to PB is established
- fixed Treeview to update on changes automatically

- fixed CameraTracker to load correct setting from project file
- removed BCD 2000 as this device is only supported on XP 32bit

- added `WDDropDownListSetBackgroundColor`, `.SetBackgroundColor()` and `.BackgroundColor.SetRGB(A)`
- added `WDDropdownListSetTextColor`, `.SetTextColor()` and `.TextColor.SetRGB(A)`
- added `WDInputBoxSetBackgroundColor`, `.SetBackgroundColor()` and `.BackgroundColor.SetRGB(A)`
- added `WDInputBoxSetTextColor`, `.SetTextColor` and `.TextColor.SetRGB(A)`
- added `WDTreeViewSetBackgroundColor`, `.SetBackgroundColor()` and `.BackgroundColor.SetRGB(A)`
- added `WDTreeViewSetTextColor`, `.SetTextColor` and `.TextColor.SetRGB(A)`
- added `EmailSendHTML`
- added `WindowFocus` to set the focus of the operating system onto the specified application
- fixed `WDTextboxAppendToFile` to correctly store CR LF
- fixed typo of command `ResourceAddFolderFromLocalToProjectPathByID`
- fixed `EmailUseSSL`, `EmailOutputPasswordSet`, `EmailOutputUseDefaultAuthentication` as well as `EmailOutputUsernameSet`
- fixed ScriptAssist to be closed upon closing dialog from which it originates
- removed "range" commands for various buttons
- removed `WDNodeSetParamValue` as it duplicated `WDNodeSetParam`
- removed `WDEnableAltF4` and `WDDisableAltF4`
Markus Zeppenfeld
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