Widget Designer 6.5.5

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Widget Designer 6.5.5

Postby Markus Zeppenfeld » Wed Apr 06, 2022 8:56 am

There is a new version available in the Download-Center:
https://www.christiepandorasbox.com/sup ... 6/file-405

Dear customers,

we're happy to share Widget Designer 6.5.5 with you.
It comes with many enhancements and new feratures as well as bug fixes.

We have completely overhauled the usage of OSC messages within Widget Designer. While there were only nodes before, you can now setup complex messages wihtin the configuration and send and receive those via TCP or UDP connections. Assigning aliases to OSC addresses and its parameters lets you use meanigful names within the scripting.

Checkbox Widget
We have introduced a new Checkbox Widget. The combination of the checkbox and a connected label allows to structure technical backends or to present information clearly.

Macro & Function editor
The Macro & Function editor used to have the ability to integrate parameters already. We have changed the interface and allowed for a description of your custom parameters and the script itself. This will then show up when using the macro in a script. It might also be directly useful for yourself, but especially if you return to site or when handing over a project to someone else.

As for the macros, we have enhanced the ScriptAssist to also guide you at members of devices and widgets, so the overall assistance is improved that you do not get lost in scripting tasks.

Textbox AutoScroll
Textboxes can now automatically scroll down to the last entry once they get updated, so that latest information is always visible.


CustomScriptButtons set to “Click”-mode do also execute their click script and change its state upon mouse down now. This ensures the same click behavior for both modes, “Click” and “Toggle”.

Terra Master Layouts can now also be recalled from the WidgetDesigner.

For all changes, please check the changelog below:


v6.5.5 (March 2022)

/// General
- changed location of submenu "Options..." from "Tools" to "Nodes" (ticket 8106)
- fixed Remoting network adapter not resetting on re-enabling (ticket 6976)

/// Devices
- added OSC devices for TCP and UDP protocol
- added OSC Table to control sending and receiving OSC messages via UPD and/or TCP
- added adapter selection to TCP Server (ticket 8063)
- fixed UDP Client resetting to previous values when not applying changes (ticket 8262)

/// Widgets
- added CheckBox widget
- added AutoScroll functionality to TextBox widget (ticket 8102)
- added tooltip for Weblink property (ticket 8114)
- changed script execution behaviour for Custom Script Buttons
- fixed CustomScript button which stayed pressed when executing `WDMacroBoxOkCancel` or `WDMessageBox` in ClickScript (ticket 8213)
- fixed CustomScript button state which was not shown correctly for click buttons on page change or releasing the click outside the button's boundaries (ticket 8104)
- fixed CustomScript button state after releasing outside Widget Designer (ticket 8116)
- fixed customScript button disappearing when being fix and resource is getting assigned (ticket 8259)
- fixed extension commands on a button not working for `GetTint` and `GetLabelColor` (ticket 7996)
- fixed invalid value for ColourPicker breaking project on load (ticket 8206)
- fixed XY Panel parameter names disappearing (ticket 7798)
- fixed ListView with invalid size breaking project on load (ticket 8113)
- fixed CITP Thumbnail exchange not working right away (ticket 8021)
- fixed PPT Display not working anymore (ticket 8130)
- fixed Scripttimer "Run once" option not working correctly (ticket 6810)

/// Nodes
- added input and output nodes of new OSC devices
- added CheckBox widget input and output nodes
- fixed checkbox "Remove files from project..." state not saved in "WatchFolder To PB Playlist" node (ticket 8209)
- fixed Probel SWP 08 node not being initialized correctly on project startup (ticket 8123)
- fixed Spyder node not working anymore (ticket 8184)
- fixed Device nodes to work after copying (ticket 8237)
- removed obsolete OSC nodes (connection based) - previous projects can still be loaded and used(ticket 8216)
- removed nodes visibility in Windows Taskbar (ticket 8210)

/// Scripting
- added parameter description to Macro/Function editor to be used in ScriptAssist
- added more ScripAssist entries for missing members (ticket 7631)
- added command `ApplyMasterLayout` for Terra device (ticket 8012)
- added commands `AddLayer` and `RemoveLayer` (ticket 8098)
- changed appearance details in ScriptAssist for better readability of parameters and description (ticket 8038)
- fixed ScriptAssist for command `NetBroadcasting` and `CustomClass` (ticket 8224)
- fixed ScriptAssist for common members on respective widgets (ticket 8118)
- fixed commands `MSCSend` and `MSCSendByID` not working (ticket 7698)
- fixed command `UDPSendToPort` which did not handle Dec/Hex/ASCII values in messages correctly (ticket 3600, 8077)
Markus Zeppenfeld
Senior Product Manager, Pandoras Box

"Have you tried turning it off and on again?" (from "The IT Crowd" / channel 4)
Markus Zeppenfeld
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