Widget Designer 6.5.6

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Widget Designer 6.5.6

Postby Thomas Mrozek » Tue Aug 30, 2022 2:38 pm

Dear customers.

We're happy to share Widget Designer 6.5.6 with you.
https://www.christiepandorasbox.com/sup ... 6/file-408
This version has a ton of bug fixes, improvements, and some new features with it.

One feature is the Projector Device which is meant to address projectors and has convenient monitoring and scripting features including a network discovery feature for easy access. Along with this feature comes a new node, the “projector” node to easily connect incoming values to widgets.

Further on, we added methods for the “HTTP Request” command to have more options to handle external HTML.

We included the “PB Volume Control” as a fader option and introduced the “WDPing” Script.

The Listview, Listview scripting, and many more also got some attention.

Please find the complete changelog below.

## v6.5.6 (August 2022)

### General
- changed number sorting for Page names in Pages menu (ticket 7614)
- changed sorting for 'Send to page...' submenu (ticket 8282)
- changed search input for Widgets/Nodes: matching results do not need to start with the search results (ticket 7617)
- changed Script Input Timer Node to be filed in `Nodes/Input/Widgets` rather than `Nodes/Inputs/Connections` (ticket 8330)
- fixed skinning for 'TCP & UDP Ports' dialog rendering incorrectly, not showing all entries (ticket 6679)
- fixed skinning for 'Fonts' dialog rendering incorrectly, not showing all entries (ticket 5935)
- fixed wrong mouse pointer when hovering over scrollbars (ticket 8136)
- fixed OnScreen keyboard not in focus automatically when demanding Page Password (ticket 8331)

### Devices
- added Christie Projector Control
- added Modbus FHPP OPM1 patch to provide Direct Position Mode (ticket 8141)
- changed 'Alias' items in OSC table to be collapsible (ticket 8161)
- changed input validation for device names (ticket 8175)
- fixed device in Configuration disappearing when ID set to '0' (ticket 8316)
- fixed 'Send each message as bundle' state not persisted (ticket 8320)
- changed size of ScriptEditor in Configuration items (ticket 8149)

### Widgets
- added option 'PB Volume Control' to Fader (ticket 5527)
- added transparten background option for DigitalClock (ticket7233)
- changed ListView coloring scheme options and workflow (tickets 1136, 6756, 7255)
- changed ScriptEditor input on Event properties to be larger and multiline (ticket 8111)
- changed ScriptEditor in EventViewer to show ellipsis for multiline script instead of growing row height (ticket 8308)
- changed ListView workflow to use Keyboard for navigation and data operations (ticket 1136)
- fixed cutoff properties in Item Properties (ticket 5078)
- fixed OnScreen keyboard open/close loop, in case the 'OK' button is located above an Inputbox (ticket 6104)
- fixed Parameters list in Macro/Function Editor not scrolling to recently added entry (ticket 8323)

### Nodes
- added Christie Projector Control Input Node
- fixed styling and readability for OSC nodes (tickets 8187, 8223)
- fixed a connection line not hiding when one participating node is hidden (ticket 7989)
- fixed Connect button in PSN Input Node not working properly (ticket 8327)
- fixed PB Menu Input Node missing Drive Space information (ticket 8287)
- removed Projector Control Node

### Scripting
- added methods POST/PUT/DELETE for commands `HTTPRequest` and similar (ticket 7884)
- added commands `WDShowStickyNotes` and `WDHideStickyNotes` (ticket 3624)
- added commands to handle colors for MouseEvents on a Label `SetTextColorOnMouseDown`, `SetTextColorOnMouseOver`, `ChangeColorOnMouseOver`, `ChangeColorOnMouseDown` (ticket 7518)
- added commands for shape `PreventSelection`, `AllowSelection` (ticket 8231)
- added commands `XMLRequestToVar` and `XMLRequestToVarWithLogin` to download and convert a XML file to a JSON variable (ticket 7643)
- added commands a variety of commands for ListView to color cells, columns and rows and to search cells (tickets 8108, 6756)
- added commands `WDPingIP` and `WDPingURL` (ticket 7894)
- changed `AddTextFromTextBox` to be `AddTextFromInputBox` (ticket 7331)
- changed ScriptEditor to be resizable where missing and applicable (ticket 8295)
- fixed TextBox commands `AddText...` not properly appending text (ticket 8248)
- fixed InputBox commands `AddText...` not properly appending text (ticket 7331)
- fixed ScriptAssist not offering `Variables` and `Nodes` anymore (ticket 8064)
- fixed ListView command `InsertRows` not working correctly (ticket 5239)
- fixed ListView commands `SetCellColor`, `SetColumnColor` and `SetRowColor` not setting color correctly (ticket 6756)
- fixed WDPlaylistPlay does not work with sub cues (ticket 8207)
- fixed Input-/TextBox that is set to 'Fix' throwing error when receiving a focus command (ticket 8023)
- removed obsolete Members on a variety of widgets (ticket 8152)
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