Pandoras Box 8.7.0

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Pandoras Box 8.7.0

Postby Thomas Mrozek » Thu Mar 30, 2023 5:00 pm

Dear Customers,

please find Pandoras Box V8.7.0 ready to download.

This version gives you the ability to output NDI 5 streams. Output routing has been revised so that you can add virtual adapters to your physical adapters or even add them separately as long as your license gives you the output quantity options.

Further on we added some timeline editing improvements. To name a few there is now Container Grouping, Cue and Clip Locking and advanced Multiselection. As usual there is also a bunch of bugfixes included, please check the Changelog below for all details.


Version 8.7.0 (29.03.2023)

- Miscellaneous:
added: Virtual adapters can be used to play out content over NDI.
added: The position of cues and clips in a sequence can be locked.
added: Clips can be grouped to be multiselected with a single click.
added: All sequence elements behind now pointer can be selected at once.
added: Sequences can be set to autoplay on project load.
added: Clips that contain media in frame sync show a frame sync icon.

changed: Updated wxWidgets to version 3.2.1
changed: Updated MFormats to version 2.7.1
changed: Updated Deltacast to version 6.19 (if supported by driver)
changed: Now pointer jumps to front after 3/4th of sequence.
changed: Sequence scrolls below now pointer when dragging at the left and right border.

fixed: Inspector window can always be scrolled using the mouse wheel. (ticket 5664)
fixed: Clips with changed media output show correct last frame. (ticket 4981)
fixed: Frame synced resource shows correct frame rate even if inconsistent. (ticket 9025)
fixed: PB Dante assets are available in asset tree after configuration change. (ticket 9045)
fixed: PB Dante settings are persistent also after change of audio device. (ticket 8390)
fixed: Gaussian blur fx doesn't change picture in zero state. (ticket 1015)
fixed: No superfluous option "frame ordering" for mov image sequences. (ticket 9029)
fixed: Mov files can be added to project without available local engine. (ticket 9032)
fixed: Mosaic mode is detected correctly in frame sync mode.
fixed: Inspector is shown immediatelly when clicking on cue. (ticket 8991)
fixed: Swap of live assets does not leave remaining live assets of the same source blacked out. (ticket 8677)
fixed: No crash when renaming of project tree item is aborted. (ticket 8944)
fixed: When clicking on layers in the preview the correct layer is selected. (ticket 9084)
fixed: Nested clips are not mistakingly regognized as being overlapped by moving ones. (ticket 9061)
fixed: Watched folders are working with mov-file image sequences. (ticket 9087)
fixed: Frame synched image sequences don't stop engine after reentering fullscreen. (ticket 9073)

- MU
added: Time is synchronized between all machines to avoid problem with out of sync system times.
fixed: Submanagers handle license issues correctly and avoid asychronous session. (ticket 8903)
fixed: Spare from spread properties of folder are synchronized correctly. (ticket 5699)


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Thomas Mrozek
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Thomas Mrozek
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Re: Pandoras Box 8.7.0

Postby Thomas Mrozek » Tue May 30, 2023 4:41 pm

Known Issue:

You may get a “Medialooks” Watermark after 24h of runtime of non PB native playbacks like Mp4, H.265,…. A system restart may give you another 24h of use without a Watermark. If you need to use these file formats, please use Version 8.6.2 until we can provide an update or reencode these formats to PB native formats (while not having the medialooks issue or use external tools). Native PB file formats are working correctly in Version 8.7.

Sorry for inconveniences
Thomas Mrozek
Product Manager
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Thomas Mrozek
Posts: 139
Joined: Mon Apr 20, 2009 11:08 am

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