3D Polarized Projection RealD

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3D Polarized Projection RealD

Postby stage-crew-eventtechnik » Sun Jun 28, 2020 11:39 am


does anyone a 3D Projection with RealD Projector ? I Like to do a 3D Projection with the following Setup.
PB-Server Pro -> SDI -> Panasonic Projector with RealD 3D-> Silverscreen

The Projector can handle Frame Packing 3D over 2 SDI Inputs. What i need to setup in PB to play out 3D Content, do I need a Layer for each Picture ( Left and Right ) and send it over 2 Outputs or is there an other Workaround ?
Can coolux any 3D format handle ?
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Re: 3D Polarized Projection RealD

Postby Yvonne Groetzschel » Fri Jul 03, 2020 12:46 pm


You are completely right, because we do not support frame packing. Pandoras Box will play the content and the related projector will undertake the other task.
Dual-Input 3D is the easiest way. Because then you either get the content seperated for the left eye and right eye. Or you get one file with the image for the right eye and left eye next to each other.
Then you only have to route the informations for e.g. for the left eye to output 1 and right eye output 2 (side by side or top bottom).
Please note: If you want to use 3D with shutter glasses then you'll need a sync card in the machine.

Valid object file types in Pandoras Box are: 3ds, clx, fbx, obj, and x.

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