7 screens setup / 4K Resolution limit

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7 screens setup / 4K Resolution limit

Postby koenv » Tue Sep 15, 2020 3:28 pm

for an installation on a boat I want to know if this is possible with 3x v5 or v6 player license?

we install six 32 inch screens and turned those 90 degrees. One bigger screen in de middle. The idea is the display a live view from the front of the boat.
when using 2x player licence with 2x matrox triple head 2 go for the six 32 inch screens and the third licence for the middle screen?
resolution of the 32 inch screens is 1920x1080, Screen in the middle is 55 inch and has 4K resolution (4096*2160)

Is the setup possible with 3 player licences to split the outputs with space between?
is the 4K limit per output (license) or per installation / hardware?

For the control and setup we also plan the widget designer and manager to.
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Re: 78 screen setup / 4K Resolution limit

Postby Daniel Kaminski » Tue Sep 15, 2020 10:25 pm


4k limit is on the content playback.
you can have multiple 4k Outputs per System. (1 per each Dongle)

How do you plan to capture the Content? Will it be a camera? or Images? Video?

I would recommend V6 since it will make your live much easier and I can not remember the limitation on V5. I think I remember that you would need V5 Pro Dongle for 4k.

System 1: 2 Dongle, 1 GPU with 2 Outputs each Output with a Tripple Head2Go or better Datapath FX4 (https://www.datapath.de/datapath-produk ... tapath-fx4) which is a professional Version of Tripple Head. (Much more reliable)
Tripple Heads can be very tricky to configure, especially when using 2 on 1 system.
Make sure you use a NVIDIA GPU, best will be a Quadro GPU P4000 or so, so that you can burn the EDID.

The Resolution of 3x 1920x1080 Displays will be 5760x1080, but better 3240x1920.

Split Content using Meshes or Tripple Head FX.

System 2. 1 Output in 4k. Straight Out. No Problem

With V6 you can even try to 1 System with 3x 4k Output (1 per Side with datapath FX4 and 1 for the Middle). That should also work. System needs to be a bit more powerfull, but 1 less system. This will propably not work with Tripple Heads, but you would have to try that.

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