Planar UV mapping - Mapping MESH in general...

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Planar UV mapping - Mapping MESH in general...

Postby oled » Mon Oct 09, 2017 11:01 pm

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Hey team,

So Iv been try to play with venue sites and am having a couple issues..
Iv got a 3ds of the stage for a show I have coming up, the show is a 60m wide set primarily made up of LED surfaces. I am running 3 x 1920x1080 outputs (SL,SC,SR).

Iv got the venue site setup, and have the .3ds displayed (i have to scale down to .010 to make it fit on the preview grid).

I made 3 other 3ds files just with flat surfaces representung the LED surface on stage - ( i thought it would be easier to assign mesh's to the simple flat surfaces rather than straight onto the set then I just position them over the set)

I turned the .3ds of the screen surfaces in to .cmsh files so I can work on them in plannar mapping mode.

I managed to get somthing to kinda work but it seemed alot harder than I imagine it should be.

The biggest trouble im running into is scaling.

So I assign a output to the media of the .cmsh- then I need to map the source layer to the preview before I click the assign uv coordinates button. However the preview of the output I need to place the source layers over in planer mapping mode is really small. how can I make it bigger so I can more easily position the source layers over before capturing coordinates?

Is there an easier way to just project the output over a section of stage and only display on certain surfaces?

The front of my stage convex. I understand planar maping in a front projection so the angled panels further out on the set wont show the content exactly right, im ok that but is there an easy way to flatten the source layer when you position it over the output preview.

To summarise because as that could be confusing..

Wide set with multiple LED surface areas - 3 1920 x 1080 output - I want to map the outputs to display on the right pieces in my set.

Thanks in advance guys!
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