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HD SDI Input Install

Postby brun sweater » Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:07 pm


I've a problem with installing one of my Coolux HD SDI input in another machine.

The situation is this: I need to stream two separate live feeds to the same projector. So I moved the physical inputcard (Coolux HD SDI single) from one of my Players to another Player already installed with another inputcard (Coolux 3G SDI single). So now I have a machine with two separate inputs.
The thing is, now the Pandora Client running on this Player, keeps chrashing everytime it have started up. Just after my Master is finished spreading the content to the Client, the Client crashes. There's no problem if I uninstall the new inputcard.
I have a hunch that because the new inputcard is installing using the symbol % in the name of the device, Pandora can't handle it? Also, I've opened up the inf file from the drivers I've downloaded from Coolux, and in the beginning it states that I should change the registry? (I'm home now and can't remember excactly how it's written? Something with ClassGUI and then some?)
Anyways, the name change of the device (inputcard) happened when installing 6.1 drivers for windows XP. Before that it had a more straight forward name when installing.

Anybody? And thx in advance.


edit: I'm on a Dual Player from Coolux. Running rev. 15432. Windows XP SP3
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