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ASIO channels card assignment

PostPosted: Tue Jun 26, 2018 11:07 am
by nick-it
Hi!We have the ASIO Sound Blaster Audigy Rx card and should spread the 5.1 sound to the card outputs. We divided the sound track to 4 files: center, front, rear and subwoofer accordingly. Later on we assigned 4 tracks of Pandora Manager 6.1 to sound cards channels. The process was made rather experimentally : every time we must check the speakers to understand whether the needed sound file channel is assigned to the corresponded sound card channel. Now the project works fine. But we would like understand the algorithm of channel assignment. We didn’t discovered any description of the process no in Pandora , no in the sound card manuals and can’t understand the logic of the process. Below is the picture of Audigy Rx channels details. So could you explain the meaning of the information presented in the Pandora Configuration section Channel Details?

Thank you for advance