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V5 Dongles And Coolux Stuff For Sale

PostPosted: Fri Jul 19, 2019 10:31 pm
by barleywood
We have moved on from Media Servers and would like to sell our remaining Coolux stuff. Also have various HD EDIDs, HD DAs, HD Routers and such.

Pandoras Box V5 Media Manager Lite Dongle and 6 Pandoras Box V5 Player Standard Dongle
Pandoras Box V5 Media Manager Lite Dongle and 4 Pandoras Box V5 Player Pro Dongle
V5 Widget Designer Pro Dongle
Offline Manager Dongle
Jog Shuttle Board
SMPTE Link Cable
DMX Link Cable

Still have original packaging for some dongles and all accessories. Located in Las Vegas.
Feel free to contact me at Barley@xEvents.Vegas if you are interested.
Thanks and we hope these find a fantastic home as they treated our business very well.

V5 Dongles.jpg

Pandora V5 Dongles.jpg

Jog Shuttle Board.jpg

SMPTE and DMX Links.jpg