E2 Remoting from WD

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E2 Remoting from WD

Postby Daniel Kaminski » Mon Mar 06, 2017 1:16 pm


to remote Control Presets on the Barco E2:
create a TCP Connection to Port 9878

Preset handling
-r <ID> = load Preset <ID> into Preview
Code: Select all
TCPSend(1,"PRESET -r 1 [CR]")

-a <ID> = Directly cut to Preset (Recall and Autotrans)

Code: Select all
TCPSend(1,"PRESET -a 4 [CR]")

Cuts to Preset 4 on E2 Connected to TCP Connection 1
-s <ID> = Save Preset

ATRN [CR] = Cut
ATRN 200 [CR] = Dissolve over 200 Frames

Daniel Kaminski

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Re: E2 Remoting from WD

Postby chrisr » Sun Jun 18, 2017 4:53 pm

Daniel, Thanks for this post. As you have posted your Transition commands are different than in the manual. Via the manual, if you want to CUT between presets or other, you have to have ATRN 0 [cr]. This specifies a 0 frame transition ( a Cut). If you have ATRN without an argument ATRN [cr] then it uses the the current transition time in the controller.

The reason I post this. Is because I have written a small WD app to talk to three E2 that will recall and fire presets. The issue we are having is the transition is not working properly. Daniel was your post after testing with an E2 box? Or were you just showing the new command structure within Version 6 IF you found that you were successful with an E2 frame, then the Barco manual is wrong? The Way the manual reads is this.....

TCPSend(1,"ATRN 0 [cr]") = CUT
TCPSend(1,"ATRN [cr]") = use known set controller transition time
TCPSend(1,"ATRN 200 [cr]") = 200 frame transition defined by the script.

Daniel OR anyone else thanks for looking into this. Here is the segment of the Barco E2 manual. Our little WD app recalls / writes presets across three E2 Frames fantastically. it will send the -r command to IPs , .177 , and .179

• Parameters:
<transTime> (optional)
Used to specify a transition time (duration of the transition) in frames. Value ranges from 0 to 1999. A 0 specify a cut transition.
Any non-zero value (within range) will override the transition time in the controller. If this argument is not specified, the current
transition time known by the controller will be used.

• Examples:

> ATRN 200
(Transition Preview to Program on currently active destinations in 200 frames)

> ATRN 0
(Transition Preview to Program immediately. This is a CUT.)

(Transition Preview to Program using the transition time set in the controller)
Thank You

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