Sensor for Haunted House

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Sensor for Haunted House

Postby madmod42 » Mon Nov 01, 2021 2:01 am


So for a customer of ours they are wanting to add widget designer into the system but are wanting to do something on the lines of tracking/mirroring for things like haunted houses with real time triggers. The triggers I don't think will be too hard as we can just use a laser tripwire-esk setup and have that data go through widget designer as a 0 or a 1 for the active value. (There are some sensors I found that can send that). The part I am having trouble with is finding a wireless tracker that could be used for the tracking of customers. My image of what they are wanting would be like, once you pass a certain point a visual in the background starts following the customer (the person being tracked).
Does anyone have any recommendation for a sensor? Preferably it would be something where we could have more than one person being tracked at once. (Not that it has been specified as necessary right now, but it probably will be.)

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Re: Sensor for Haunted House

Postby Justyn Roy » Mon Nov 01, 2021 3:38 pm

For finite tracking, you could look into something like ID Tags
You can use 1 camera to get 2D tracking or multiples for 3D tracking.

There are some other devices, like the Airscan:
This can track an XY position.
I've used these on a floor before tracking people's positions in a room.

There are likely more cost-effective options, check out
Widget Designer has support for a lot of the devices on this page built directly into Widget!
Sonic Distance sensors/pressure plates etc could all be used for things like this.

There are also some other systems I've briefly interacted with that use far-field (active) RFID.
It's like the FOB on your keychain, but they had a battery built-in.
The RFID readers can detect these "FOBs" and give a readout of "This tag is in this room and they're this far away from this receiver"
Multiple receivers can be used to roughly triangulate a tag's position in that room.
No links for that one though, sorry.

Let us know what direction you end up going in! Sounds fun!!
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