WD 6 Free Version Color Pallet issue / Font Change Window

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WD 6 Free Version Color Pallet issue / Font Change Window

Postby chrisr » Thu Dec 22, 2016 4:43 pm

For those using Windows10 I have found an issue with the Color Pallet and Font Adjustment window when requested out of a properties window for a
1.CustomScript button.
2.Timecode clock
3. system clock
4. Textbox
5.....basically anything you would potentially change a button color or the font/color type in.

Temporary SOLUTION:
The window seems to come up behind the existing properties window, to bring it to the front, you need to press the ALT key. If you see something that looks like it landed behind the properties window on anything, try pressing the (ALT) Key see if it brings what you are looking for into view in the GUI.

This has been submitted to the Support Team

Thanks Janina for the ALT key tip.
Thank You

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