Custom script timer issue

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Custom script timer issue

Postby azman » Tue Mar 14, 2017 5:02 am


I'm experiencing some inconsistency with the ScriptTimer

The Script timers seem to stop working but its appears a little random,
I'm finding that the 'active' blue highlight is not triggering, as if the interval is not counting down? & that the scripts are not executing.
I've tired to isolate what is causing the issue & it seems to occur when updating the interval time (but not always!)
Once the timers stop working, I can't get them back but can create new timers that appear ok.

I've found that the Script "WDScriptTimerStart(ID)" doesn't appear to work, or actually 'Stops' the timer? (when triggered from a Custom script button),


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Re: Custom script timer issue

Postby azman » Tue Mar 14, 2017 7:10 am

I think I have narrowed down the issue I'm experiencing,

There are new scripts (or scripts I've not used/needed before) "WDScriptTimerPause(ID)" & "WDScriptTimerResume(ID)",

I'm finding that some how my script timers are ending up in a "Pause" state rather than "Stop"
When the script timer is in a "Pause" state the only way to re-activate the timer is with a "resume" command.

What is puzzling is that I was only every using "Start" & "Stop" Commands when the problem occurred but it was only when i tried the 'resume' command I was able to re-activate the Script timer??
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Re: Custom script timer issue

Postby azman » Tue Mar 14, 2017 8:38 am

I think i solved the issue...or at least got a working result.

If the 'Run Once' button is selected it puts the Script Timer into a "pause" mode,
I don't recall this from earlier version but may not have used this feature.

I have noticed that the "WDScriptTimerStart(ID)" script doesn't change the Script Timer button look (like when its clicked or when the 'start' button in the item properties is pressed),
This added to the confusion.
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Re: Custom script timer issue

Postby azman » Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:09 am

One more twist.....

The act of 'Ctrl-S' puts the Script Timers into a 'Pause' mode or disables it some how??? :?

To get around it I'm clicking the Script Timer button (so it is show the 'click' button graphic), then sending WDScripttimerResume(ID) then sending WDScripttimerStop(ID).
This is getting back to a state where I can just send Start & Stop commands.

Or I can reload the project.
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Re: Custom script timer issue

Postby liamohanlon » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:06 pm

I am having this exact same issue in the latest release (6322). Definitely seems to be related to saving. Every time I hit save, a random assortment of my script timers stop working.

Any updates on this?
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Re: Custom script timer issue

Postby Mike Mengen » Mon Sep 25, 2017 12:50 pm

You're right. I will forward that to our Developers.
You can reload the Page with F5 and Save again with Ctlr+S then it will work again.

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Re: Custom script timer issue

Postby esi_tj » Sun Mar 04, 2018 10:45 pm

This problem still remains! I am currently using WD 6 (Rev 6800) on Windows 7 Pro.

Exactly what this thread is discussing, The ScriptTimer Button is stuck in "paused" mode or when I save the project the Script Timer is disabled and does not work accordingly. The ScriptTimer button and ScriptTimer Input Node lose connection with each other. My only remedy is to delete the previous button and Timer Input, recreate a new one and pray that saving my project doesn't cause the issue all over again. Is there any fix to this????

In addition here are a couple of other things I have found using the ScriptTimer components...

1. I am noticing that if I delete the old ScriptTimer Button or even the ScriptTimer Input node, it somehow remains in memory and doubles up in my dropdown list in my "IF" Filter which is causing all sorts of issues in my project... See attached image for the example. I deleted my previous ScriptTimer Input and my IF Filter still shows previous versions in the list EVEN though they are no longer on my page. How do I get rid of these? Is there any way to delete the previous nodes PERMANENTLY? Is there a NODE manager of sorts that I am otherwise missing so I can ensure they are deleted?

2. Upon deleting and recreating my different nodes, I have set my ScriptTimer Output node with the WDLabelStartFlash and WDLabelStopFlash in the IF/Else script boxes. The commands do not entirely work as anticipated. I.e. when I trigger the event to countdown my timer and flash the label at a certain interval, the StopFlash randomly does not work automatically when the timer reaches zero? I sometimes have to right click the label to uncheck the Flash function. More Importantly, when I close the project and reopen the project the same label will begin flashing even though nothing is running or set to "Execute on Startup"...

I have a feeling that somehow WD is not completely deleting the previous nodes, ScriptTimer Buttons, etc and remembering their previous settings causing problems with the new ones that I create?

Thank you so much for any help you can provide..

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