UDP Types clarification

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UDP Types clarification

Postby chrisr » Fri Sep 01, 2017 3:16 pm

All, thank you for reading. I'm looking for some clarification that isn't listed in the manuals. Can someone please help me understand what benefits of the connection types are with the UDP connection manager. Here is a list and explination of how I understand it.

There are five connection types in the Add New UDP connection dialog box.

• Server & Client - ( I can have two way UDP broadcast & Receive on a single IP with two defined ports, input port and target port.)
• Single Socket Server & Client ( I can receive and transmit on a single port??)
• Client Only ( receive UDP broadcast only on a single port)
• Multicast Client ( not sure what the benefit of multicast is)
Is this basically so we can be one of many clients on a network receiving the UDP broadcast?.. instead of a single IP address you put in the broadcast IP? This is how I understood this in the manual, link here: http://www.coolux.de/root/downloads/support/Documentation/Helpfile/index.html#udp_wdconnm.htm

• Multicast Client (Reuse Port) (Multicast AND reuse the port, need a little help understanding the use for this) what is the benefit to reuse a port?

Thanks so much!

And thanks in advance for any input!!

Sorry for my lack of network knowledge! The Oracle Java documentation has some good explanations, but wanted to see what the benefits are within Widget Designer.

Thank You

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