VGetAssetDuration returning incorrect video length

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VGetAssetDuration returning incorrect video length

Postby akulhavy » Mon Oct 23, 2017 10:38 pm


I am trying to use VGetAssetDuration (HMS, HMSF, or TotalFrames variety) however all returned times are rounded down to the nearest second. I.E. a 30fps 00:00:59:29 long file is reported as 00:00:59:00.

Looking at the .wdpj file in notepad it looks like the incorrect data is being stored in the "PBA": section - the entry for the same file 00:00:59:29 file is below:

"11": {
"ID": 11,
"FolderID": -1,
"FileID": -1,
"ProjectPath": "testproject\\Themes\\",
"FileName": "testproject\\Themes\\",
"LengthHMS": "00:00:59",
"LengthHMSF": "00:00:59:00",
"DurationTotalSeconds": 59,
"DurationTotalFrames": 1770.0,
"ThumbnailPath": "C:\\Program Files\\Christie\\Widget Designer 6.0 Rev 6800/Data/Thumbnails/Cache/",
"Width": 3840,
"Height": 2160,
"FPS": 30.0

The file lengths are reported correctly in the inspector in Pandoras Box.

Could I be doing something wrong? Could there be an issue in PbProjectRefresh?

OS is Win 8.1, I'm getting the same results on Widget 6322 and 6800.

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Re: VGetAssetDuration returning incorrect video length

Postby Yvonne Groetzschel » Tue Oct 24, 2017 2:22 pm

Hi Andy,

yes, you're right. Unfortunately these commands don't return the correct frame value.
It's the same behaviour as in WD 4.7. I added this issue to our bug list, thanks for reporting!

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