Sending/Receiving Syslog Messages

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Sending/Receiving Syslog Messages

Postby djrappa » Fri Dec 22, 2017 4:57 am

Windows 10, latest release WD

I have a single machine that is running both WD and also a 3rd party Syslog server monitoring various things from our system.

I am wondering if I can have WD see and interpret the same Syslog messages being sent to the Syslog server? If I attempt to have WD listen to the same UDP port then the messages are no longer received by the Syslog server, nor do I see anything coming into WD...

Also would there be a way to send a Syslog message OUT from WD to the server running on the same machine? My current attempts of sending a UDP message to the same port and IP that the Syslog is listening to don't seem to have worked, but not sure if that's a formatting issue or routing problem...
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