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MSCsend Command

Postby stda_video » Tue Sep 17, 2019 3:13 pm


im trying to send a MSC command (Midi Show Control) to a EOS lighting console.
For test purposes i have a CustomScript Button in WD with the MSCsend command. Unfortenately the Command dropdown menu gives no further clues how to use it and it just wont work.
Also im trying this via a Pandoras Box timeline and a Widget Designer Device, where more options for the MSCsend command are available but also i get no output here.

The command i try to send is
F0 7F 01 02 01 01 31 34 F7

The device ID is 01, the cue i want to go to is Cue 14.

My Midi Hardware is a RME Fireface UC, that sends Midi Note ons from WD without a problem.
WD Version 6.0.6.
MSC input into Pandoras Box works like a charm! Hope to get the output working as well... Any Clues how?

All the best
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