Midi-Out to Webinterface only with third-party software

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Midi-Out to Webinterface only with third-party software

Postby rene_s6 » Wed Mar 11, 2020 8:01 am


I am trying to send Midi-Notes to another software via an internal midi-device (loopMidi). This other software is actually a Webbrowser-based Interface triggering something online.

The webinterface works fine with other Midi-Cabable softwares or a Midi-Hardware, just not with Widget Designer. I can route the widget designer Midi Signal to another third-party software (such as cycling74 MaxMsp) and then forward it from there to the webinterface, but I cannot sent it directly.

"LoopMidi-Port 1" out WD -> "LoopMidi -Port 1" in Webinterface DOESN'T WORK
"LoopMidi-Port 1" out WD -> "LoopMidi -Port 1" in MaxMsp -> "LoopMidi -Port 2" out MaxMsp -> "LoopMidi -Port 2" In Webinterface WORKS

Why is that?
I am running on Windows10. Tried an older Widget Designer Pro 4.7 and the newest Widget Designer 6.1.1. free

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