NDI Feed viewable via webbrowser

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NDI Feed viewable via webbrowser

Postby madmod42 » Tue Feb 22, 2022 7:30 am

So I am a little stuck.
Currently there is an installation we have here that has Widget Designer installed and the majority of the system is controlled via Widget with no issue at all.
However, there is one device that refuses to accept any commands given to it either from widget designer or other device and so it has become necessary to make a webbrowser widget to show the page of the control application for this product. However even the control software is offline and can only be operated via laptop and the people who wrote the program for it are not wanting to help. Even the maker of the product themselves are not helping.
So my workaround is to use NDI's KVM capabilities and control that from the device we have widget designer on. The catch however is that obviously using the video display widget we are not able to interact with the contents themselves and so the only thing I can think of is to make it so that the NDI stream that is focused in on the control software window can be accessed via the webbrowser widget but I can't seem to find a cheap and simple option to take the NDI stream and make it HTTP.
Anyone have any ideas? Maybe some experience doing this before?

I have to go back to work on this device March 10th and really want to get this tested and running soon.

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