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Matrix Patcher - Group tools (move, scale, rotate)

PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2018 3:49 pm
by ^nto
I would be able to work with the matrix patcher with pixel accurance.

I can't move, rotate and scale a fixture/tile group simultaneously. The only way to do this is using the array tool but when I've to work in map view or if I need to modify the patch we don't have the basic editing tools.

So I'm asking for:

- Group move, scale, rotate panel tool (for scale and rotate, I've to be able to scale/rotate all togheter like an single object and not for each tile)
- Snap to the patch/map borders
- Snap to other tiles borders
- X/Y real time coordinates in the bottom left linked to the selected fixture/tile (0,0 is better than the middle of the selected object) and not only to the mouse pointer position.