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Operating Systems

PostPosted: Fri Dec 23, 2016 11:08 pm
by Dennis Kuypers
Use Windows 8.1 64bit Professional

All our (currently sold) machines are based on Windows 8.1 64bit PRO, this is where we do all the testing. This is why Win 8.1 is probably the best OS to use with our products.To be more performant we are moving or have moved applications to use 64bit.
  • use the 64bit version of any OS
  • please use PRO or better version of any OS

Windows 10
  • the latest Microsoft OS
  • there are some known and some unknown issues
  • for the future we have planned full compatibility which is not given as of today
  • as of today: prefer Windows 8.1 instead

Windows 8.1
  • the preferred operating system for all our products
  • use it.

Windows 8 (not 8.1!)
  • avoid using this OS, expect issues

Windows 7
  • The operating system for some older compact players
  • very solid OS which supports our products very well

Windows Vista
  • avoid using this OS, expect issues

Windows XP
  • the operating system for older servers
  • works with PB V5, WD 4.7
  • WD V6 does not run on XP because virtually all XP systems are 32bit and WD V6 is an 64bit application
  • works with PB V6