Backup Manager? Backup Server?

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Backup Manager? Backup Server?

Postby frozenwaffles » Sat Oct 15, 2022 8:21 am

Hello, can anyone please confirm the correct procedure for activating and using the 'backup manager' feature? is it something like this?
Step 1: Save main show file and copy to backup manager.
Step 2: Open show file.
Step 3: Go to Backup Menu and select 'Change Mode to Backup'
From here you can see the orange 'BACKUP' text down the bottom of the backup manager.
On the main manager you should be able to press play and have the backup manager follow? is that correct? They will both mirror each other now?
Our backup is not mirroring the main manager so i'm confused?!?!?

Is there any reason why you would want to run back up mode and not MultiUser mode?
At least with Multiuser mode you have content transferred between both Managers.
Also any changes to the timeline track through as well.

Any advice and tips on how to run main and backup managers would be appreciated. :)
Same goes for Main and Backup Servers. Right now we are just using the 'Clone Site' feature. But i feel like this is very primitive and not really a 'tracking backup'.
All we want is the ability to have a 'second machine' (server or manager) literally do (clone) whatever the first machine does.
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