FYI: Network access adjustments for the content partition

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FYI: Network access adjustments for the content partition

Postby Martina Protze » Fri Mar 23, 2012 1:14 pm

Dear all,
if you have bought a server since V5 was released, it is set up with two partitions - a normal c-drive as usual and a mounted content partition. If you encounter the problem that you cannot access this content partition via network please read the following instructions. Please note that this does not apply to content spreading via Pandoras Box.

The problem in detail: If you access the computer in a network scenario from your local computer, you can see the partition and its subfolders but as soon as you want to copy files there directly or as soon as you want to see the files of the subfolders, you will get a message telling you that you do not have the permissions and that the access is denied.

Solution: On some computer the User rights are set to wrong values. Please do the following steps to set the User rights on the correct values:

First, turn off the Easy File Sharing :
- Click on the Browser shortcut on Pandoras Box Desktop

- Go to Tools > Folder Options
02_folder options.png

- Click on the Tab “ View”, scroll down to the check Box “Use simple File Sharing” and uncheck this Box
03_simple file sharing.png

- Klick “Apply” and “OK”
Now you can continue with the User rights as follows:
- In the Browser Right click on “My Computer”, click on "Manage"

- Click on “Disk management”, on the Volume content, perform a right click and click on "Properties"
05_disk management.png

- Point to the Tab “Security”
- In the Window “Group or User names” click on the User Everyone
- Make sure that the checkbox “Full Control” is checked

- click “ Apply” and “OK”
- Close the computer management and the browser
- Now you should be able to access the content folder from any other computer in the network

Sorry for the inconvenience. From now on, the factory settings will include these adjustments.
Best regards,
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