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Mapping Questions

Postby andrewgardener » Wed Jan 08, 2014 9:27 am

Hi All,

I have a probably very simple question but wanted some feedback on my method and if there was a better way to accomplish it. I have a large circular stage deck that I am projecting onto, and on the deck are numerous smaller circular mats with samples of product on each. To go about making the template for this (considering it's all really just a flat projection) I have taken the real world size of the circle (2.4m Diameter) and then used a lens calculator to determine the actual projected size. The calculator says that the image will be 2.4m high and 4.26m wide. I then created a composition that was those dimensions, drew the 2.4m diameter circle inside that and placed all the smaller mats in their positions. From this template I can then create all the animations.

When it comes to play out, all I have to do it place the projector at the same height (It has a zoom lens, so that calculation is at it's most narrow point, so I have potential to zoom out if for some reason I can not get the required trim, ect), Load up the template graphic and lens shift to it lines up.

My question is, is this the way everyone else would do it. Obviously, if it was a fixed lens then I wouldn't have any room to move and would have to scale which isn't the best option obviously. Does anyone have another method for a simple 2d application like this? It just seems convoluted and like I have forgotten something.

Also, I am curious if there would be any benefit to say creating the stage deck and the associated mats in 3DS, then exporting the object and the UV and then creating the 2d content off the UV template, then doing the whole virtual projector thing inside PB. My main question about this is resolution. Obviously, the real world objects would be real dimensions, but it would be stupid to be creating a animation with those real sizes. When working with a 3d composition like this, what/how do you know what resolution to use. Eg, if I export the UV map of the surfaces ready for animation, I don't understand what resolution I should be working at because isn't the whole point that you could have any distance between the object and virtual projector. This is really my only stumbling block here, just knowing what resolutions I should be using. Would I create the content at a higher res like 2k/4k and then have plenty of flexibility for when I'm using the viral projector?

One more thing, I saw the LDI stand and really liked it. I recall there was a monitor with a slowly rotating 3d view of the wall and floor which interested me as it could be used as a preview for programming. Is it just another virtual projector that is being used like a camera on a separate server?

Thanks. Sorry for the questions, I know some of it isn't exactly PB-centric.
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