Pb fullscreen and pvw error

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Pb fullscreen and pvw error

Postby SpykeGM » Thu Apr 17, 2014 8:02 am


I have install PandorasBox Manager LT on new Hardware which is a Dell R320 server on win7 64bits.
When I launch PB manager, an error message appears : "fatal error fullscreen, please close the app". After that the application is loading but the preview render engine stay initialising.
I think the problem comes from my graphic memory but I want to ask you to be sure of that.
On the Dell server there's no graphic card but just a graphic chipset...
I've installed an additional nvidia quadro FX 1700 on it but it seems to be incompatible (i'm waiting for a Dell answer).

Do you confirm that my problem come from the graphic card/memory ?


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