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Wave FX

Postby colorao » Sun Mar 19, 2017 5:20 pm

Hi all
I'm playing with Wave FX , but I have got several weird issues when using this Wave FX .

Media Feed
This FX needs a media parameter.
I can drag a media from the assets folder or even put it on a layer and share texture, but anyway I cannot preprocess this input.
Let’s say I want to increase B/W contrast BEFORE using the feed inside the FX, but I can’t find out how. It’s always used as a raw input.
Any idea how to pre-process this input before using it ?

Limitation texture size and format ?
It looks like there is a texture limit size (or format) for the FX.
My FX layer's content and media source, both has the same rectangle size (lets say 2048x1200) , but the FX result is “cropped" into a square.
The rest of the area is stretched horizontally to the right, causing horizontal parallels lines.
So the Media feed is not used completely by the FX. Just the left square area.
I’ve tried with several video inputs with different proportions , but no luck. I always have the same problem.
This happens not only with Wave FX but with other distort FX which accepts a media source.
Does anyone knows about this “limitation” or weird issue ?

By now, I’ve got no output devices for testing. I can only test this in the PB preview (not in the real output) .
Is it only a preview issue or maybe a real output issue ?

I’ve recorded a video with my phone showing this problem.

Thanks in advanced
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Re: Wave FX

Postby Thomas Mrozek » Mon Mar 20, 2017 3:56 pm

Hi Pablo,
this sounds like a very good workflow.
You can only preprocess you FX media feed by using a camera texture. You can create another camera for this purpose. But maybe it is sufficiant to change the processing order of FX by reorder them in the device tree (like layers top one is processed first).
To change the texture size please go to configurations tab 'Render Engine' and change max Texture size (for each site, local (prv) and client).
Thomas Mrozek
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Thomas Mrozek
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Re: Wave FX

Postby colorao » Tue Mar 21, 2017 1:48 am

Thanks Thomas
The "max Texture size" did the trick !!

I'll try the camera texture.
Anyone knows a tutorial on this?

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