Live Input Wave FX nightmare.

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Live Input Wave FX nightmare.

Postby colorao » Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:57 pm

Hi all
I’m having a BIG problem with live inputs.

My setup:
Master : Pandora’s Box MANAGER Pro (Rev 14570)
Client : Pandora’s Box SERVER Pro (Rev 14570) (Dual output)

1. I have an IP camera connected to the client machine as a Live Input (lets call it webcam) .

2. I have several videos spreaded and visible in layers in the client machine (lets call it backgrounds) .

3. I can apply any filter to the backgrounds or to the webcam … (color, distort, geometry, etc…)

4. But If I apply an "Interactive Waves Buffer” or "Interactive Waves” FX, I’m asked to provide a “media” parameter.
If I use any video file as a media parameter, it works.
But If I use the webcam feed as a media parameter, nothing happens. It just turns white.

I’ve tried providing a "Shared Layer” (webcam) as a media….
turns white.

I’ve tried also placing the webcam feed under a camera device and provide a "Camera texture” as parameter …
turns white.

But if I use some other FX which also needs a media parameter, like “Fluid Mask FX” , I can provide the webcam feed and the filter works.

So it looks like there’s something the "Wave FX family“ that I cannot use the live video with it ?
Why not?

Is it related to buffer transformations ?

Is there any bug related to this?

Am I missing something?

I’m desperate.
Help please
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Re: Live Input Wave FX nightmare.

Postby colorao » Tue May 09, 2017 9:29 am

My fault. Sorry.
It was caused because the webcam image was not a pure B/W image.
It had lots of greys, And those greys were causing the waves to be created all over the surface of the image, and then all the image looked white.
Forced a pure B/W, and play with thereshold, and everything went on...
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