Watchfolder and encoder extension

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Watchfolder and encoder extension

Postby SpykeGM » Tue Apr 16, 2019 11:22 am


We have a folder with 4 files inside with folder and file ID attached.
Every weeks, we changed those media manually.
I would like to make this folder as watchfolder then we can just change medias on the folder (with same name).
The problem is that we transcode the originals media with the encoder extension.
For example my first media is test.m4v, I drag and drop it into the folder on the PBproject, the encoder extension transcode it automaticaly in test.mxl.
But when I put a media directly in the windows folder (for example terst2.m4v), it appears on the pb project folder as test.m4v but it's not transcoded automatically in test2.mxl. Do you know why?
And so my last question is : can it works if my PB_project media is called test1.mxl and then I put a test1.m4v in the windows folders (if transcode auto works) ?

My PB version is PB STD V5 rev 10085


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