Important: Pandoras Box Server V4 R2 Dual Output Setup

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Important: Pandoras Box Server V4 R2 Dual Output Setup

Postby Oliver Kilian » Tue Sep 07, 2010 9:38 am

Important Notice:
Pandroas Box Server V4 R2 Dual Output Setup

Dear Pandoras Box User,

The current revision of Pandoras Box V4 Servers ship with a GTX470 model of Nvidia cards.
As this card is based on a new architecture from Nvidia the drivers had to be updated.
This change also applies to the way dual outputs are set up from the Nvidia control panel.
For synchronized smooth dual output, please always use spanning mode (also known as streched mode) instead of Dual View (aka extended mode). When changing resolutions and outputs to dual output via the PB Menu this setting is automatically applied.

Please make sure your system runs the latest revision of PB Menu that is available online


Kind Regards

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