Christie Pandoras Box software no longer supports Windows XP

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Christie Pandoras Box software no longer supports Windows XP

Postby Markus Zeppenfeld » Tue Jul 02, 2019 6:27 pm

Christie Pandoras Box software no longer supports Windows XP

Although we strive to create products with a maximum lifespan, incorporating new technologies often leads to discontinuing legacy items such as outdated operating systems.
More than 5 years ago, Microsoft officially discontinued its Windows XP operating system. And although we haven’t shipped systems featuring Windows XP for almost 5 years, we continued to ensure Christie® Pandoras Box® software was compatible, until now.

What’s changing?

Pandoras Box no longer supports Windows XP.
While we had originally planned to phase out Windows XP with our V6.1.3 release this month, an unexpected issue we encountered with a third-party component left us no choice but to phase it out sooner. As a result, Pandoras Box V6.1.1 was the last release to support Windows XP operating systems.
We apologize for any possible inconvenience this may cause.

What this means

Pandoras Box will be able to make use of newer technologies that are unable to run on Windows XP. The application will transition to a 64-bit environment, which will unleash more overall performance.
Looking forward to a powerful future with an even stronger and updated foundation!

Markus Zeppenfeld
Product manager

Please see PDF-Version of this communication here: ... ne2019.pdf
Markus Zeppenfeld
Senior Product Manager, Pandoras Box

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