MOTU Sound Interfaces and sonic emotion

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MOTU Sound Interfaces and sonic emotion

Postby Oliver Kilian » Tue Jul 29, 2008 2:09 pm

We have tested the MOTU Interface. The result: do not use it in combination with sonic emotion plug in at this moment.

Test surrounding:

We created a file containing a 1.2 Khz test tone, put it onto two layers of the sonic emotion plug in, played it out of the MOTU ADAT outs, recorded it onto a Mackie HD recorder, loaded the files into Adobe Audition, combined the files to mono. The screenshots looked something we have heard on a production lately. Distorted and with some heavy flanging.

That information has been passed on to sonic emotion and they informed us that due to some driver issues this problem can not be solved . At the same time we ordered some more cards from RME because the tests with the HDSP 9652 cards (same setup) were much more promising.

We will keep you informed.

Oliver Kilian
coolux sales department
Oliver Kilian
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