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V6 - What's New?

PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2016 3:37 pm
by Dennis Kuypers
Hello dear Pandoras Box friends,

Today we will give you some details on the upcoming Version 6.0 of Pandoras Box and Widget Designer!

Download PDF Version

Pandoras Box V6
• Multi-User for simultaneous timeline editing, warping and content arrangement
• Editable Canvas for masking and painting of any kind live on the canvas within Pandoras Box
• Editable Meshes for on-the-fly FFD and Vertex-Warping within Pandoras Box directly
• UV (Re-)Mapping directly within the preview
• Pixel-Based UI for easier content handling
• 2D focused UI which allows for easier content interaction without interfering with the 3rd dimension
• 3D Render Engine which still exists in the same way as before. It is just hidden with a single button in the new preview
• Preview Interaction for using all new modes and parameters directly in the render engine

Widget Designer V6
• totally redesigned
• natively based on HTML including CSS Styles
• animations and transitions of pages and widgets possible
• composite nodes to integrate node-systems into custom nodes
• workflow optimizations
• improved scripting
• etc. ...

King regards,
your Pandoras Box team