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New Widget Designer STD and PRO

Postby Oliver Kilian » Fri Aug 28, 2009 1:46 pm

Dear all,

we are happy to announce our new Widget Designer STD and PRO.

The Widget Designer STD is a freeware program to create custom user interfaces. It features an new Event-Scheduler that executes pre-defined tasks at a given time on a given date. Web pages and videos can be integrated into the interface. Automatic thumbnail exchange via CITP makes it easy to create a VJ-tool in a minute. The thumbnails can be set as backgrounds for buttons; complete folders of media can be represented by buttons in one keystroke.


The new Widget Designer PRO serves as visual programming tool to create interaction and links to external protocols and applications. The internal scripting language has been extended to more than 150 commands. With the ability to store custom scripts as Macros and the ability to link any user interaction to any script WD PRO lets the user design almost any user interaction on the fly without writing a single line of code.

A built-in node based component library let the user design customized control setups with ease. With Over 60 nodes incoming data can be manipulated by filtering nodes while output nodes route the data to any Pandoras Box parameter. Route and filter RS 232, TCP, UDP, Art-Net, Nintendo Wii® controller, any type of Midi Controller, Joystick, GyroMouse as well as Sound-to-Data to access Pandoras Box.


The Widget Designer STD is freeware.
Please contact your local Dealer for a quote on the Widget Designer PRO.

Widget Designer STD Features:

(Small, large, custom)
(Horizontal, vertical)
Media Control Panel
Text Input Panel
VNC Panel
X/Y Panel

Connection Manager
Event Editor
Midi Notes/Messages
Behringer BCF 2000
Behringer BCD 2000
Scripts to Keyboard
Remote Input
CITP Protocol
TCP/UDP Protocol
RS 232 Protocol

Best regards
The coolux team.

Feature Set Widget Designer PRO. Click on the picture to enlarge!
WD PRO Feature Set.jpg
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