Play Video slower, but not in loop?

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Play Video slower, but not in loop?

Postby Patrick Verhey » Thu Oct 02, 2008 12:13 pm

On the last trainings I did many people asked me how to play a single clip slower, or even with variable speed.

One task a Designer wanted to have is the following:

For the break on the show the video should start on the first frame and play once. The duration of the break is not known so the video should be adjusted in speed on call by the designer. At the end of the break he wants to see the last frame. So it might be that the clip will be speed up or down.

Here is the easy way to Programm it:

Store the Clip on the Timeline. Unlock it from the timeline, so it is a freerun clip.
Store a Pause Cue at the first frame of the clip and set Stop Key on the same Position. That will load the Video and keep it wait on the first frame.
Set the now Pointer one frame after the stop key and store a play key. Also set the opacity to full on that time.
As you play the timeline now the video will start instantly.
Set another Pause Cue to the timeline a few Seconds later, and another opacity full key on this position.
Since the Clip is not locked to time it will keep running even if the timeline pauses.
Put a Pause key, not a cue, one frame behind the position where the now pointer is now.

During the show you need to mark the play key at the beginning of the clip, so it will be in the inspector.
As soon as the clip is running you can move the speed fader and the new speed will be taken instantly to the clip.
Since you did not programm it as a loop the clip will only run one time.
Now there is one thing to be cereful with. At the last frame of the clip you need to start the timeline again, so the clip will get a pause information. If this will not come, the clip will jump back on the first frame after playing. But with the same go you can also set the opacity down to sero.
With this steps you can easyly adjust speed in a timeline programming. But still we are not able to travel in time, sorry ;-)

I hope everybody understands what I wrote! Have fun programming......
Patrick Verhey
Patrick Verhey
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