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Postby Mike Steinbrecher » Wed Oct 08, 2008 4:47 pm

The following soundfiles are tested and run under REV 2455 on a Video Layer ( not Sonic Emotion ):

mp3 - 44100HZ - 32bit - stereo
mp3 - 44100HZ - 32bit - mono
Windows PCM *wav - 44100HZ - 16bit - stereo
Windows PCM *wav - 44100HZ - 32bit - stereo
A/mu-Law Wave *wav - 44100HZ - 16-bit - stereo
DVI IMA ADPCM *wav - 44100HZ - 16bit - stereo
Microsoft ADPCM *wav - 44100HZ - 16bit - stereo
Microsoft ADPCM *wav - 44100HZ - 8bit - stereo

For best results we recommend using - Windows PCM *wav 44100HZ - 16bit
This is okay for shorter files. Longer running audio will loose sync to video after a while.
If you need syncroniced playback please use the sonic emotion plug in.

It is also possible to playback video with muxed audio. As avi and mpeg.
ATTENTION! Those muxed video´s will run free and not syncronice with other video´s due to the audio content.
Even though this is possible, we do not recommend this.

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