Running a timeline Show with the Grand MA

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Running a timeline Show with the Grand MA

Postby Mike Steinbrecher » Mon Oct 13, 2008 8:11 am

Running a Timeline Show with the Grand MA

If you have a programmed Lightshow and you want to combine it with PB
e.g. for a bigger Tourshow with other Showelements it is the easiest way to to it like this:

As you will be able to sent Play, Pause and Stop to the PB, remember that when programming your timeline.

Programm your Show on the PB on the Timeline as wanted. e.g. Different Backround Loops on the layers for every Song !
Add a " Pause Cue" between the changing Content

Do the following settings in you Manager :

Configuration - push "RUN ARTnet"
Layer - Patch- unpatch all Layers and Cameras
Sequence - Patch - GM Link Channel 1; Artnet 0 Univ. 8 ( for example )
( click on the server, than in the window "Patch" you find the LayerPatch, after that click on the sequence and than you find the SequencePatch in the window "patch" )

Do the following setup in your Grand MA:

Setup - New Layer - Coolux - PB Sequ Standalone Original
Patch it to an Universe e.g. A1.1
- Fixture Types - you have to set the Default of the Controle from 0 = " Pause" to 192 = "Play"
Tools - DMX Configuration - DMX Output via Ethernet
Patch your Universe to the Ethernet A1 - Port 0:8 ( for example )
in the right corner the little button must stay on Enable Ethernet in Standalone
Groups - select "PBSEQAL1"
Smart - transportcontrol - here you find Play,Pause and Stop

Store the Play cue to a Exec Button; then store a secound cue in the sequence on that button, then write in it "OFF Exec Button x" ( the Button you have chosen ) and set the second cue Trigger on "FOLLOW"

- You need to do this because the grandma has to relase the "Play" command.

Now go into your existing Lightshow and in every Cue you want to go on in your timeline write under LINK "Go Exec Button x" ( the Button you have chosen )
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